Sunday, January 3, 2010

~Ya Allah..tolong selamatkan dia..~

y did i cant write this? actually..i want to write sumthing abt my feeling rite cant go out..just keep inside there.."Ya Allah...tolong beri aku kekuatan untuk tempuhi dugaanMu buat kali ke-2 ini Ya Allah.."

30.12.2009 - 2024pm
text in - "huhu love u..what will if one day i'm no more.."
text out- "wat r u talking abt?"
text in - " day everyone will leave the world rite"
text out- "wat is goin on?"
text in - "just ask la dear"
text out- "y suddenly u ask abt this?"
text in - "nothing..muah"
text out- "how r u my love?"
text in - "fine..but not well.get treatment bored.."
text out- "wat? wat treatment?"
text in - "it's back bone they said lack of protein.and its have some problem which i also dun know. i asked mom she just said nothing to worry"

y did all this thing happen to me?? 1st dad..and now..u..what i've done..?? y me?? God..i'm not too strong to face it for 2nd time..cukup la dgn ayah..jangan Kau uji aku dgn sakitkan dia..1st day dia admited dia still text aku..2nd day still her..3rd day..pun dia bgtau getting better n maybe esok dh discharge..4th? nana yg text..nana bgtau she sleeping..dia x sedar lg after 2nd surgery..and maybe will doin 3rd surgery tonite..and text from any of them..aku dah x tau nak wat ape..just pray to God..keep on read old text..ym..masa ayah teruk dia byk support aku..dia la yg buat aku kuat..she gv me courage..strong..hope..always with me..n sbb dia aku kuat..not now..Tuhan..jangan Kau hilangkan kekuatan aku itu Ya Allah..aku mohom padaMu Ya Allah..aku sanggup Kau kurangkan jangka hayat hidup ku utk sembuhkan dia..sama seperti Kau sembuhkan ayah aku Ya Allah..

love u baby..

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