Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mas & Wan

this is my cousin..Mas..n tats Wan will be my new cousin-inlaw..actually..already hope you guys enjoy this pic..but the image not so gud coz i just reshoot again the sotfware tat i use to design this book cant save into jpg..or tiff..or others..heh..

~I'm climbing~

Assalamualaikum..Hye all..wish you guys in pink of heart..
its too long..too long i didnt write anything here..and its too long to find my way back..i lost all my package..even backpack..include my passport..and on tat time..who am i? how can i go to apply for a job? i got nothing to prove..i was so upset..i'm down..tats y i try to forget about who am i before..i'm trying..try hard to forget about camera..lappy..photograph..artwork..
tats y i just give up myself to work as a salesgirl at shoping mall..but i cant..i even cant forget my feelings when i capture something..even look at photograph..magazine..gosh..its beautiful..hmm..
my special said.."Lost thing....doesn't mean we lost everything...y always care about money, things etc. It's not fair at all..yup..tat things so meaningful and that doesn't meant we need to stop....aren't we??"...its take time for me to realize..knowing tat person..i'm learning a big thing whole my life..NEVER GIVE UP. but i need time..time to climb..time to bring me back form darkness..heh..yeah..i admit i really jealouse when saw all those pictures..all the artworks..but i learn..jealouse is gud..but dont too much..;) i need some moral support..i need someone who always stand beside me..and i really Thank to Allah..i have tat..tat person always stand beside me..always fight for me..May Allah Preserve tat person..n from now..i hope you guys will enjoy my new come back..heh..