Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Finally what?? heh~ Finally i am done my final...just get nerves to know the results maybe on the end of this month...May God Bless me and all me classmate.. Amin~

Finally ape lg?? heh~ aku tinggal sorg2 kt umah nih...hmm~ xpe..

Finally?? again~ after this..bgn je pg..kne pk psl duit..duit..duit...camne nk cari duit dgn banyak utk bayar sewa umah..minyak keta..makan..and bende2 lain...

Finally?? ade lg ker?? hmm~ ntah..aku pn x dpt nk pk wat mase skrg nih...

Finally???~ i need a job~ i need a money~ i need to survive here~